Favourable conditions for teaching young people basics of entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship School opened in Donetsk

On February 4, the capital of the Republic hosted the grand opening of the Start of Business course of the Republican social project of Entrepreneurship School. The event was attended by Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Vladimir Bidyovka, deputies of the People’s Council, deputies of the Youth Parliament, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, social movements and organizations, as well as delegations from the Russian Federation.

Speaking to the event participants, Vladimir Bidyovka noted that the project provides a unique opportunity to learn the intricacies of doing business since studentship.

“Today, as the Republic has embarked on a path of confident development, it is vital for us that we could look at many seemingly familiar things from an out-of-the-box, unorthodox point of view. You, students, young workers and entrepreneurs, are helping us in this. Today, this project is also crucial for us since we see young people in it who can develop, who are not afraid to translate their ideas into reality, and, most importantly, who care about the fate of our Republic. Project participants will be able to understand the basics of the economy, feel like young entrepreneurs, and most importantly – to reveal talents. I wish you good luck in this difficult field; go the extra mile. Remember that your success is the success of the whole Republic,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

During the event, the chairman of the Youth Parliament Committee on Economics and Entrepreneurship, the head of the Entrepreneurship School project, Alexander Gridenko, presented the Chairman of the People’s Council a note of acknowledgement for the engagement and significant contribution to the establishment of the Entrepreneurship School.

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