Interview with deputy Vladimir Bidyovka on goals and objectives of Western armaments’ supply to Ukraine

In his annual address to the Verkhovna Rada, Petro Poroshenko claimed that currently more than 40 import contracts to supply Ukrainian army with various defense systems for $ 1.5 billion is being carried out.The press service of the People’s Council has addressed the deputy of the DPR People’s Council, the Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Vladimir Bidyovka to comment on the statement of the Ukrainian President.

– What could the continued funding of the Ukrainian army and the involvement of the Western partners possibly mean in your opinion?

– Financing of the Ukrainian army, supply of lethal and non-lethal armaments will continue, since each of the parties has their own reasons for benefits. It’s no secret that monstrous corruption is prospering in Ukraine, and in the army it has reached maximum speed. This was repeatedly stated by Ukrainian military and public figures associated with the “ATO”. Arsen Avakov supplies Ukrainian military with cardboard ankle boots and paper rucksacks not for the sake of pleasure. Nadezhda Savchenko has literally bombarded Ukrainian leadership with threats and insults, while New York Times iteration has modestly described the Ukrainian state as a “swamp of corruption.” So the current military elite in Ukraine will continue to welcome any opportunity “to supply Ukrainian army with various means,” as Poroshenko said.

As for the Ukrainian president, he is has several objectives in such deals. Firstly, the military leadership is content, besides, the collection of compromising materials for participating in financial fraud makes him more manageable. Secondly, Western experts arrive to train and maintain together with certain types of armaments. And one of the main tasks of the US State Department (and hence Poroshenko) is the attraction of new participants in the armed conflict in Ukraine in order to make it more extensive and, consequently, more expensive. Thirdly, personal enrichment, which has already been written by all and sundry.

The objectives of the Western suppliers are making money from the decommissioned arms or from those that do not comply with NATO standards, as it has remained since the Soviet era. Exceptionally NATO experts monitor such shipments, and it means that the latest weapons, which is tested in combat, easily gets to the territory of former Ukraine.

– How can it affect the current military and political situation in Donbass?

– Ukrainian army will not receive any superiority over us in military terms due to such supplies. I would say the amount is too small, it is impractical for many reasons to multiply the military power of the AFU using the “Hercules” (the main military transport aircraft of NATO – Ed.). The war cannot be won by ‘water pistol’, given that the nearest water source is far away. I have a general feeling that as soon as the West dares to send any unique and expensive equipment to Ukraine – the plane will be ‘sawn’ right in the air, and the guilty one will be… well, you know who that will be.

Another thing is to use the given means for provocations, therefore, the political situation will only escalate. Ukrainian media are under total control, now the last unmanageable are being finished off, which means that the picture in the style of ‘bombarded themselves’ will be provided. The process of demonization of the Russian people is being fed with lies and squabbles, for the production of those such ‘help’ provided is needed.

– Which prior goals, in your opinion, Kiev sets in this regard?

– Creating of public opinion about the support from the West, committing provocations and acts of sabotage, providing Ukrainian proving ground for testing new prototypes of armament, weakening the enemy through the application of its resources to the actions of preventing, defensive and restorative nature, personal enrichment through the use of budgetary funds.

– Well-known fact that the Ukrainian economy is experiencing not the best period. If we talk about the supply of weapons by Western countries, how the Ukrainian authorities intend to pay for arms provided for the Ukrainian army?

– I would like to mention here a few sources. Operating, that is, real money – it’s the Ukrainian budget and reserves. Any current Ukrainian official will shamelessly spend the people’s money for the purchase of rusty decommissioned “Hammer”, overdue C-rations or ‘honestly’ won tender of one of his associates, engaged in the production of ‘unique patriotic aluminum cookware.’ In addition, in case of critical statements about the inexpedient spending of budgetary funds, Ukrainian viewer will such will be served with such ‘vital’ deal with sauce of ‘another step towards victory.’ Future money is locked up by Western curators and is given in batches after the Ukrainian leadership carry out certain orders. Kiev authorities also pay by the debt by selling the next generation to financial slavery.

It should be noted that initially the Ukrainian government had cash surpluses, as after the introduction of economic blockade socially unprotected population Donbass, pensioners, public sector employees at the behest of the rulers of Kiev criminal decree had been deprived of all the benefits. But after plundering and write-offs in ‘nooses’ of Donbass residents’ pensions, the appetite of Ukrainian corrupts has only grown. Due to the sharp drop in earnings in the usual trade with the Russian Federation, and, according chocolate tycoon, it is not less than $ 15 billion, the Ukrainian ‘reformers’ do not get tired of testing the strength of all social strata of their fellow citizens. One day they won’t pay salaries to miners, another day they cancel the scholarships, then another ‘war tax’ is introduced. But now, it is fancy to increase utilities gradually, which is touted as ‘European values.’ Even schoolchildren understand the extent of corruption schemes of gas through an intermediary in the face of the EU.


– Issues of modern world’s conflicts as well as their solutions are regularly raised at the global level. Including the issue of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass featuring “Normandy Four”. In turn, Poroshenko continues to increase group of forces in Donbass and strengthen the Ukrainian army by foreign weapons shipments.

How Republic draws attention or is planning to do so, what steps or leverage over Kiev can help in resolving the issue?

– For the destruction of any negatives in regard to the People’s Republics we should show and prove to the world that we are a civilized legal state, which defends the interests of its citizens, as well as willing to engage in dialogue in peace and understanding with other civilized countries. In turn, building a strong equitable state implies the existence of a regular army, security agencies and intelligence services. They, correspondingly, protect our citizens against military interventions, acts of sabotage, provocations and terrorist attacks. In order to achieve the proper level of protection our state, like any other, needs funds for technical and material support of its armed forces. This task is easy to handle while having a strong economy, which may exist in conditions of unshakable respect for international law. Here’s what we have to pay attention to and not to populist statements of Ukrainian politicians about billion contract.

Also, demonstrating commitment to traditional values that are inherent to the local population, we have allies who share our cultural, historical and moral values. In fact, our values are alike, and, therefore, we are defending the same – the Motherland, which many Western invaders dream at first divide and then destroy. Our allies – countries and individual representatives around the world – help us to defend our rights, including on international markets, on a regular basis.

I would not consider the fact of foreign arms supplies to Kiev as an attempt to conquer us by force. In addition, it is advantageous for the official Kiev to keep the disparate paramilitary groups out of their chairs. Our operational command actually confirms extensions of groups of Ukrainian troops, but we, according to our data and information on the enemy, turned into a strong efficient army with huge potential and experienced fighters as well. In case of another unfortunate decision of Ukrainian politicians about full-scale offensive everything will finish with notorious for AFU ‘nooses.’ The thing is that now aggravated sense of betrayal, even among the most ardent ‘patriots’ of Ukraine, can turn into a riot near the warm rooms of Ukrainian oligarchs.

In my opinion, the question of the peaceful settlement depends on maintaining by the US of Russophobia and neo-Nazism in the territory of the former Ukraine. With the cessation of pressure on its allies in this context and the overlap of financing the project “Ukraine” in anti-Russian line the conflict in our land will stop in a few days, and its assailants will scatter like smoke without fire.

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