Kiev may spend EU money not to restore Donbass, but to destroy it – Denis Pushilin

Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin commented on the EU plans to allocate € 50 million to Ukraine for the restoration of the Donbass during a conversation with RT.

According to the Speaker of the Parliament, there is a high probability that this money would be directed not at all to help the residents.

“If money were spent to restore and build new infrastructure facilities, then, of course, we would only support it. But, unfortunately, the corruption component in Ukraine and other criminal activities on the part of this country make us doubt that this money will go to its destination, and will not be used for military purposes against the inhabitants of the DPR,” Denis Pushilin said.

The Chairman of the People’s Council noted that the EU’s proposal to allocate money to Ukraine is not surprising.

“We regularly meet with political bias, double standards. Our territory, where the Ukrainian army inflicted destruction, does not receive due attention from European leaders and organizations,” Denis Pushilin stated.

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