Kiev will not see ready money: Alexander Kurenkov comments on US’s decision to provide military assistance to Ukraine

The leadership of Ukraine is vainly excited about the US Congress’s decision to allocate $250 million to Kiev for military needs. This view was shared by the DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov with the Donetsk News Agency.

ʺThe US Congress’s approval of the allocation of assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $250 million for military purposes is a planned step. A similar procedure was already held in May 2018. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was quite pleased with the fact that the assistance increased by $100 million compared with the current year.

There is an important feature in this extremely joyous event for the Ukrainian authorities. The amount is increased, but not quality. The allocated funds will not leave the US. The history of provision of such assistance has shown over the last four years that these millions are money equivalent and Ukraine will not obtain ready cash, but rusty and written-off and yet expensive equipment. For instance: the recent transfer of two ships.

The salaries of the American experts, who will be training Ukrainian soldiers to use Javalin and equipment on written-off boats, are also included in the allocated amount. Of course, corrupted military officials from Kiev will get some crumbs,ʺ Alexander Kurenkov said.

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