Kirill Makarov: Ruthless deportation scenario by Zelensky’s team is continuation of Nazi collaborators’ traditions

A plan for the resettlement of Donbass residents crushed the remaining illusions among the citizens of the DPR and LPR about the President of Ukraine Zelensky. MP of the People’s Council, Kirill Makarov, in an interview with the official website of the DPR commented on the anti-people’s policy of the Ukrainian authorities.

“Zelensky’s team prepared for the residents of the Republics a ruthless deportation scenario: those who would’ve failed to leave for Russia on time after the arrival of the Armed Forces in Donbass are going to be imprisoned. That is, they consider our people to be criminals only at the place of birth and residence.

In Nazi Germany, once people were divided into right and wrong in the same way. And the people of Donbass should not have any illusions about Zelensky and his team. The image of a just truth-teller Vasily Goloborodko was cynically used to bring the Nazis to power in Ukraine, and will stop at nothing to destroy our Republics.

But we remember how the Second World War ended. Therefore, none of us will ever allow the followers of Hitler’s accomplices to win on our land. We will not return to Ukraine and we will not allow the Nazis to come to us,” the deputy stated.

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