Kirill Makarov: Tightening control over journalists leads to new onslaught in Ukraine

Zelensky’s team policy in the field of freedom of speech is aimed at eliminating Ukraine, People’s Council MP Kirill Makarov told the correspondent of the Donetsk News Agency.

“In Ukraine, it is planned to introduce the responsibility for journalists for sharing false or manipulative information. Given how the words of the Ukrainian president differ from the actions, anyone who dares to film showman Zelensky would be sitting behind bars.

Rainbow promises of a strong and independent Ukraine are shattered with each new bill as the addict’s euphoria ends after a hotshot. I especially want to note that the media were put under pressure almost immediately after the press marathon of Mr. President. But the funny thing is that the Minister of Culture, Youth Policy and Sports of Ukraine, Vladimir Borodyansky, believes that responsibility for those journalists’ publication must be tightened. This is stated by the Minister of the country, which has a well-known Peacemaker site. We have long been unable to understand the logic of public statements by those in power in Kiev. But day by day they are getting funnier and funnier. I’m sure that the policy of the president’s team is aimed only at the final annihilation of Ukraine,” the parliamentarian said.

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