“Maidan” took away the last Ukrainians’ remains of democracy – Denis Pushilin

On August 21, 2016, the Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin commented on the recent arrest of Vladymir Sleptsov, mayor of the Ukraine-controlled city Dzerzhinsk, for the “demonstration of a separatist position”.

 “People’s revolts in Dzerzhinsk, cruel clearing operations of the law-enforcement authorities that Pavel Zhebrivskyi spoke about without reserve and, consequently, arrest of mayor Vladymir Sleptsov for the “separatist sentiment” – all these are the links of single chain. Someone has to be responsible for the disloyalty of the local inhabitants towards the Ukrainian government. Authority may not announce directly that even too years after their return under the Ukrainian regime, citizens don’t support the Ukrainian government. It just can’t work that way there is no mass of people in Ukraine who are not willing to paint everything yellow-blue. So, It’s mayor who’s responsible for everything as long as he showed a wrong direction to the trustful city people.

It’s no secret to us for a long time that there’s no such thing as freedom of speech, freedom of thought in Ukraine. “Maidan” took away the last remains of the Ukrainians’ democracy. Ukraine today is nothing but chaos, fear and lawlessness. Hundreds of citizens that have expressed their disagreement with the general line of Ukrainian propaganda or supported the DPR citizents’ points of view, are now either under a tight control of the Security Service of Ukraine or in prisons. Even the plenipotentiary organs cannot get to them. It’s enough to recall the situation with a suddenly interrupted visit of The United Nation Subcommittee for the Prevention of Tortures in Ukraine. Despite all the obligations of Ukrainian state, the members of the Subcommittee weren’t allowed into the projected places of the prisoners of war sneeze. I am more than confident that it was made for a reason.

 It’s a disturbance of the elementary human rights. We’ve talked about it many times and are still planning to draw attention of the international organizations for the human rights to such incidents and to the situation in Dzerzhinsk,” Denis Pushilin said.

It is to be recalled that the mayor of Dzerzhinsk (the city was renamed in Toretsk within decommunisation in Ukraine) was nailed a charge of suspicion in criminal offences connected with the separatist activity.

The Kramatorsk City Court imposed taking into custody in terms of two months as a pre-trial restriction for Vladymir Sleptsov. He was presented an accusation in invasion on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, organization of the “illegal” referendum for the independence of DPR, held on May 11, 2014, in Donbass. Mayor is suspected in commitment of the criminal offences provided by p. 1 col. 258-3 (participation in a terrorist group or a terrorist organization) and p. 2 col. 110 (invasion on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. At least 53 men have been arrested during two years of the conflict in Donbass.

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