Main provisions on public authorities and other state bodies determined

On April 24, according to the plenary session agenda, parliamentarians considered the bill “On Amending the Civil Code of the Donetsk People’s Republic”, developed by the deputy of the People’s Council, Vladimir Bidyovka.

The Chairman of the People’s Council addressed his colleagues, substantiating the proposed legislative initiative.

“The draft law suggests capture in the DPR Civil Code the norms that determine the civil status of both public authorities and other state bodies, like legal entities, as well as the norms that determine their organizational legal forms.

In particular, the draft law establishes the possibility of endowing not only public authorities, but also other state bodies with the rights of a legal entity in cases where it is provided for in regulatory legal acts that determine their legal status; it establishes such an organizational legal form as a “state body” and determines the legal capacity of public authorities and other state bodies immediately as legal entities.

To avoid a by-law settlement, the draft law suggests capturing that the official registration of these bodies is carried out exclusively in the manner prescribed by law,” Vladimir Bidyovka said.

The Speaker of Parliament added that the draft law proposes to supplement the transitional provisions of the Civil Code with a norm establishing the obligation of public authorities and other state bodies within 90 days from the entry into force of this Code, that is, from July 1, 2020, to bring its organizational legal form in accordance with the legal form provided for by the proposed amendments.

Parliamentarians cast their votes in favour of its adoption in two readings as a whole. Then, the DPR Law “On Amendments to the Civil Code of the Donetsk People’s Republic” is to be sent for signature to the DPR Head and will enter into force on the day it is published on the official website of the People’s Council.

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