Marina Zheinova: Naftogaz’s victory to result in reduction in social payments and subsidies for Ukrainian population

The imaginary victory of the Kiev authorities will lead to defeat for the Ukrainian population, People’s Council MP Marina Zheinova stated in a comment to the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“The statements of the Minister of Energy of Ukraine about the alleged readiness to stop the transit of Russian gas are yet another blurring of eyes and lies to ordinary citizens of the country who are the first to feel yet another ‘help’ of the newly made government.

The fact that Ukraine will lose due to transit, or rather its absence, at least $ 3 billion a year with a budget deficit, peak payments on loan obligations to the IMF and other lenders, as well as against the background of reduction and revision of social payments and subsidies, is the most obvious fact.

The problem is that not only does the quality of the provided housing and utility services for enormous amounts in community charges leave much to be desired, and in the middle of winter we see entire villages and residential areas freezing. In fact, now people cannot get the long-awaited heating in homes whatsoever. The laws of physics have not been cancelled, and even more so they cannot be changed by declarative statements of officials.

The gas transportation system of Ukraine was built back in the Soviet Union, and today no Ukrainian authorities have enough money to completely update and rebuild it.

Upon the termination of transit, the consequences of yet another ‘victory’ will lead to a decrease in gas pressure in the system. Residential gas boilers, not to mention centralized heating, are designed for a certain pressure, in the absence of which they will constantly turn off.

And when officials talk about a record gas reserve, stored in the repositories, in the amount of almost 22 billion cubic metres of gas, they are at least being sly, as this includes buffer gas and gas from European companies. Unless once again a little was stolen, out of habit. And this is already a probable shortage of gas in the European territory in the future.

And in the absence of transit, it will be necessary not only to modernize, but partially mothball the system, revise the scheme of operation, which will also require significant funding. And it turns out that raising tariffs for the population is just around the corner.

And let’s not forget about the many years of litigation between Gazprom and Naftogaz.

Once again, the alleged victory of the Ukrainian government will lead to defeat for the ordinary population,” the parliamentarian said.

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