Marina Zheinova: Zelensky inviting Turkey to invest in restoration of Donbass – mere loud populist statement

People’s Council deputy Marina Zheinova in an interview with RIA Novosti commented on the invitation of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to Turkey to take part in the restoration of the Donbass infrastructure.

“It sounded very strange and contradictory. Firstly, no proper investor would put financial resources in restoring infrastructure in the course of ongoing hostilities and sabotage by the Ukrainian party of negotiations in Minsk. Secondly, given the difficult relations between Turkey and the United States after Ankara’s acquisition of the Russian S-400 air defence systems, Ukraine is a very dubious object for financial investments for Erdogan. The United States has all the levers of pressure on the Kiev authorities and can use them at any time to blackmail Turkey if Ankara invests in Ukraine,” the parliamentarian said.

The deputy stressed that the key condition for restoring the destroyed infrastructure of the Donbass was the establishment of peace in the area and the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine.

“Without fulfilling these conditions, no proper investor would invest in this risky project. Apparently, Zelensky and his advisers have no need in understanding the intricacies of the foreign policy and the economy. Populism has already become the hallmark of the new president, and for him, the main thing is to make a loud statement, make noise in the media. He is increasingly copying his predecessor Poroshenko, who travelled with the wreckage of a bus, allegedly from Volnovakha, and requested money from Western investors. If Zelensky does this in the future, he will face a political catastrophe,” Marina Zheinova summarized.

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