Marina Zheynova: Decision of Head of DPR to reduce tax burden on economic entities during high alert regime is timely and right

A DPR’s Law “On tax system” provides for the establishment of benefits by the Head of the DPR in applying tax legislation. This is a direct right of the head of our state, which is reflected in a relevant decree. This was stated by Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council, Chairman of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Policy Marina Zheynova in a commentary to the Donetsk News Agency.

ʺWithin the framework of a decree of the Head of the DPR No. 82 “On granting benefits”, it is envisaged to grant an actual land tax exemption to economic entities and exempt them from paying rental charges during from the date of suspension of economic activity for the period of a high alert regime.

The decision is very timely and accurate. The Head of the DPR, as guarantor of the Constitution, has promptly reduced the tax burden on economic entities, which, like all of us, are hostage to the coronavirus infection,ʺ the parliamentarian said.

Marina Zheynova noted that Denis Pushilin’s decision was absolutely justified and timely, taking into account an additional financial burden and losses, which affected businessmen and economic entities of the DPR due to the epidemiological situation in the world and the Republic.

ʺEntrepreneurs and employers, as well as representatives of public authorities in today’s realities, bear an additional social burden. They are obliged to provide social guarantees to their employees, to organize a remote working mode and other things as far as possible.

Moreover, according to compliance with the high alert regime, a separate category of citizens is obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation – we are talking about people over 65 years of age – limited access across the state border, it is prohibited to hold entertainment and similar events, as well as limited working hours of a separate category of public places. These are all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the infection. And it is right!

However, these restrictions reduce the revenue base of business entities, and some business entities are even forced to suspend or limit their economic activity.

Moreover, due to the current situation and lack of clarity about the length of the regime of restrictions associated with the spread of the coronavirus infection, citizens, first of all, buy only essential products, which also affect the stagnation processes in the business environment.

Granting benefits by the Head of the DPR to economic entities is the necessary support that the state can provide in times of crisis. It will make it possible to preserve the activity of economic entities and prevent social unrest,ʺ the deputy summed up.

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