Marina Zheynova: Ukraine stays afloat only thanks to IMF loans

Deputy of the People’s Council Marina Zheynova urged Kiev to get into politics instead of war in an interview to the Federal News Agency.

ʺUkraine was so determined to join the European Union that it made so much effort to literally destroy the potential it had had after the collapse of the USSR and to lead the rating of the poorest countries in Europe. Over the last 20 years, the Ukrainian population has fallen by more than 11 million people and if the country’s economy continues to slide down, its citizens will have a very sad future.

Now, Ukraine stays afloat only because of IMF loans, which are increasingly pushing the country into debt: its foreign debt has almost quadrupled since 2014. The leadership of Ukraine needs urgently take steps to stabilize the situation, but instead they are furthering its military build-up – or they are just telling they are doing it, speculating about a power projected scenario of bringing Donbass back and making up new forms of sanctions for the Russian Federation and its citizens,ʺ Marina Zheynova said.

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