Marina Zheynova: When filing lawsuits to ECHR, Donbass residents indicate Ukraine as cause of loss of their property

The statement by the leader of the Ukrainian Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Timoshenko, about the intention to demand compensation of €100 billion from the Russian Federation is dictated by the need to maintain her rating. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti by deputy of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic Marina Zheynova.

Earlier, Timoshenko said that in case of victory in the presidential elections, Ukraine intends to obtain compensation from the Russian Federation for losses allegedly caused by the loss of the Donbass and the Crimea, whose residents voted for independence from Kiev in referendums. She believes that Ukrainians can get €100 billion.

“Yulia Timoshenko’s desire to receive €100 billion from Russia is caused by the need to maintain her rating. The leader of “Batkivshchyna” understands that the statement voiced by her will not be implemented, as she is not going to do anything in this direction personally,” Marina Zheynova said.

In her opinion, Timoshenko wants to enlist the support of internally displaced people who have long been disillusioned with the politics of Kiev. “And she suggests that the residents of the Donbass themselves file claims to the ECHR, not realizing that the majority will point out Ukraine as the cause of the loss of their property. Moreover, there are already enough of such claims,” Marina Zheynova noted.

She also added that “Ukraine four years ago stopped paying pensions to our citizens, and such measures would not go unpunished.”

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