Mass meeting against Non-Implementation of Minsk Agreements by Ukraine takes place in Donetsk

Today, on July 14, the mass meeting against the non-implementation of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine was held in Donetsk. Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko and Chairman of the People`s Council Denis Pushilin took part in the event.

Appealing to the citizens of the Republic, Denis Pushilin pointed out that Ukraine has been postponing the implementation of even the first items of the Minsk agreements for a year and a half.

“For more than a year and a half Ukraine doesn’t meet undertaken commitments, those items of the Package of Measures which were signed by it. Defending our land suffer from genocide from the Ukrainian side. It is important that the international community and the whole world hear us and understand who is the aggressor”, Denis Pushilin said.

Denis Pushilin also drew attention to the importance of the Package of Measures implementation for the Republics.

“Neither the Head of the Republic, nor me want our state to be isolated. We proceed from international practices and norms. Ukraine has unleashed the appalling conflict and again hardly a night passes without shelling, destructions, wounding and killing of civilians. We are taking all steps, doing our best for the implementation of the Minsk agreements”, the Chairman of the DPR People`s Council stated.

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