Massive celebration of Town Day is held in Makeevka

On August 27, 2016, a solemn event dedicated to the Town Day has been held in Makeevka.

The celebration was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, the deputies Yuri Sivokonenko, Maksim Knysh, Sergey Zavdoveyev, Sergey Kondrykinsky, Yuri Pokintelitsa, Vladimir Chekun, Victor Neyer, Sergey Ivanov, the Head of Makeevka administration Valery Lyakhovets.

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin delivered a congratulatory speech to the participants of the event.

“Dear friends! Despite the fact that now we are going through a difficult period, we do not despair, and we set the highest goals before ourselves. Together during this time we have experienced fully the true value of freedom, we have paid too much for the right to live as we want, for the right to honour the memory of our ancestors. I am truly proud of what I a Makeevka citizen, I sincerely congratulate you on this holiday. Makeevka citizens, I love you very much and I believe that we will succeed, we are doomed to win!” Denis Pushilin claimed.

According to the Head of city administration Valery Lyahovets, since its founding and in the period of its development, the city has accumulated a lot of good traditions that its inhabitants have been revering to this day.

“Today Makeevka celebrates 326 years. During this time, the city has accumulated an enormous amount of good and nice traditions. One of the main is to praise the working people and their labour achievements. The Town Day is a great occasion to express my gratitude for your work and the love for the native town, for your concern about its development and well-being,” Valeriy Lyakhovets said.

Deputies of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic wished Makeevka’s citizens peace and prosperity to their families.

“I congratulate you, Makeevka citizens, on behalf of the People’s Council with this holiday – the 326th anniversary of the founding of your wonderful town! Happiness, peace, prosperity, joy and patience,” Yuri Sivokonenko wished.

“I congratulate Makeevka citizens not only as a deputy, but as the “Legion” battalion commander, and also on behalf of the NGO “Bulwark of Donbass” in the person of its leader, the Head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. And I want to wish that we meet next year, and the number of people here multiplied by our little DPR citizens. Good luck, success and all the best!” Sergey Zavdoveev wished.

“I was born in a working class family, and my grandfather, and my father are honoured miners of Makeevka town. So I am proud to say that in Makeevka this is one of the leading, best and worthiest occupations. That is why Donbass survived, which is why we will win, which is why we have so many people who gathered this day! We celebrate our own holiday that gathered us all together as one big happy family. Congratulations, my friends!” Sergey Kondrykinsky said.

During the event, the Head of Makeevka town administration Valery Lyakhovets, as well as heads of regional administrations, were awarded with the certificates of honour of the DPR People’s Council.

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