Maxim Knysh: Contest “Republic’s Reliance” will be source of country’s permanently functioning personnel reserve

The contest “Republic’s Reliance” will identify professionals, who can establish a basis for the effective development of the Republic’s economy. The Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Maxim Knysh reported about this in an interview to the Donetsk News Agency.

ʺIn the context of the establishment of the DPR’s economy, the relevant issue is to provide all branches of industry and social sphere with qualified workers. Therefore, the contest “Republic’s Reliance” is not only an opportunity to prove yourself, but also the source of the country’s permanently functioning personnel reserve, which will include specialists of a new formation.

The Republic needs professionals, who are able to establish a basis for the effective development of our economy and to ensure further prosperity of the state. It is necessary to develop resource pools of experts, who will be involved in the realization of high technology projects for this purpose. These people must have strategic thinking and the ability to go beyond traditional approaches in order to solve problems,ʺ the deputy noted.

Also, Maxim Knysh stated that work on the identification of staffing requirements was already underway in the DPR.

ʺThe ministries and departments have held working meetings on the formation of the competition strategy since the beginning of April. The legal framework of the “Republic’s Reliance” programme will be developed in the following months, training programs and an online platform are being created and where it will be possible for the citizens of the DPR at the age of 20 and over to apply to take part in the competition,ʺ the deputy summed up.

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