Meeting on preparation for holding of Primaries takes place in Debaltsevo

On July 18, 2016, the DPR People`s Council deputies Vladimir Bidyovka and Elena Melnik participated in the meeting to discuss issues concerning preparation for holding of the Primaries in Debaltsevo.

In an exclusive interview the deputy Vladimir Bidyovka told the People`s Council press service about importance of holding of the Primaries in the Donetsk People`s Republic.

“The Head of Republic Alexander Zakharchenko gave a start for the Primaries on July 4, it became an important stage in the Republic life. In reality this is an offensive of our state at the political and diplomatic fronts.

In the Donetsk People`s Republic came foreign observers. The holding of Primaries is the next step to recognizing of the DPR on the world stage and actually that is the next step to our unconditional victory. Because holding of the Primaries will show the world public that the Donetsk People`s Republic is ready to hold an election and observes all articles of the Minsk agreements, and responsibility for the Minsk agreements non-implementation lies on conscience of Ukraine.

We all have task to show that the DPR is the full-fledged state, which can hold an election and provide its safety. For our part we show that we have worthy candidates, who are prepared to be elected by people, solve people`s problems and serve for the good of Republic”, parliamentarian said.

The DPR People`s Council deputy Elena Melnik pointed up that process of preparation for holding of the Primaries get  a great approval of the DPR population.

“Communication with inhabitants of our country showed that holding of the Primaries is fundamentally important for our citizens”, Elena Melnik pointed out.

During the meeting the representatives of the organizing committee on preparation for holding of the Primaries in Debaltsevo were elected and the delegates were nominated to the Republic public meeting.

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