“Minsk-2” will be continued, because only it is able to resolve the conflict through political means – Denis Pushilin

Coming to power on a wave of radical nationalism, the outbreak of war against own people by hands of same rabid nationalists, Donbass’ genocide and terrorist acts against Crimea – such a vector of Ukraine’s development is extremely difficult to call it successful.

Each step in the political arena Ukrainian president does with stunning – even for him – illogicality: talks about unified country – and introduces the “anti-terrorist operation” in Donbass; calls upon the parties to the implementation of the “Minsk-2” – and immediately confesses that he is not able to monitor the implementation of peace agreements in his own country.

Such confessions speak of insolvency of Ukrainian power even more than the appointment of foreign nationals to senior positions in the government or the appearance of foreign high-ranking officials, who rule in the same government or parliament.

Poroshenko’s appeal to Russia via Mr.Nazarbayev is even more paradoxical. Like, I am ready for compromise, but unable to do anything to achieve them. It seems like he really wants to, but cannot. Not a very good situation for a politician of world renown.

Realizing the depth of the fall of his country, Mr.Poroshenko, as if in agony, is beating in last attempts to remedy the situation and save his own face. That’s just Anna has already spilled oil…

The negotiation process on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, in fact, is at a deadlock solely due to the lack of an official position of Ukraine.

And it is not about the reasonableness or unreasonableness of this position, we are talking about the state’s position in the negotiations as a whole. There is simply no position. It is not fault of the negotiators, this is a deliberate tactic of the Ukrainian side for delaying the negotiation process. In discussing any issue, during the last meetings, Ukrainian representatives wave off with the same phrase: “I am not authorized to talk about it”, “We have no instructions after the last meeting of NATO yet” or “We have not received instructions from the “Normandy Four””. No official documents or official position, outlined in the paper for the time of negotiations have been suggested by Ukraine.

Situation is aggravating in military terms as well. Donbass residents are quite accustomed to the fact that the ‘cease-fire’ mode exists only on paper. The shelling of peaceful settlements do not stop for a single day. Moreover, homes, schools and hospitals continue to ‘catch’ missiles of 122 mm and 152 mm caliber, and even the MLRS “Grad” prohibited by the Minsk agreements. Only in the last day there were 138 of such large-caliber shells out of 428, which Ukrainian military fired on the territory of the DPR. At the same time Ukrainian President sets units at the line of contact to hardened combat readiness, which also doesn’t indicate at his desire for peace.

And even despite this, the Republic continues to not only survive, but to live and develop – to restore the economy, to run enterprise, to pay pensions and benefits, to develop sport and culture. But this happens in daytime when it’s quiet. But at night – again the volleys of artillery.

Based on the understanding of the importance of peace for Donbass, “Minsk-2” will be continued, because only it is able to resolve the conflict through political means and prevent its escalation. And for this it is essential to adopt mechanisms for the enforcement of Ukraine to implement the peace agreements and continue the constructive dialogue and the search for solutions.

Although it will be difficult, given the behaviour of the Ukrainian establishment. Suffice it to recall the recent, totally senseless act of Ukrainian authorities – an attempt to carry out terrorist acts on the territory of Crimea.

I have often seen saboteurs dropped by the security forces on Ukrainian on the DPR territory, and lack of elementary self-preservation instinct has always surprised me. But the lack of understanding of the responsibility for such actions in the Ukrainian government – to me is way more surprising. To attack the state unrecognized by the world community – it is one thing, but trying to coax a major world power into the clash can either a strong opponent, or somebody absolutely desperate.

All these developments suggest that the Ukrainian authorities allowed the international puppeteer to get them cornered. President-oligarch, puppet government and radical Ukrainian Parliament are under the control of Western partners lead Ukraine not to happy future, but to the chopping block.

Today, it almost doesn’t matter how Ukraine will fall. Any further steps lead Petro Poroshenko to the abyss: he can neither fulfill Minsk agreements nor disrupt “Minsk-2”. The Heads of the major European countries are the guarantors of the Minsk agreements. The Package of measures is supported by the resolution of the UN Security Council.

All this imposes certain obligations on the country and its president. He can only provoke Donbass to war in the hope that our nerves are not as strong as the desire to punish the enemy. But he also cannot restart the war, because now he knows exactly what he won’t win. At home he has thousands and thousands of dead and missing persons, destroyed economy, back-breaking state loans, the impoverishment of the people and the complete collapse of the once-strong Ukrainian state … and no prospects.

Denis Pushilin, the Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR, permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR at contact group negotiations in Minsk

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