Miroslav Rudenko comments on attempt of forceful disruption of referendum in Catalonia

A referendum held in Catalonia turned a new page in relations between Barcelona and Madrid. The DPR People’s Council deputy Miroslav Rudenko described the parallels and differences between the Catalan and Donbass referendums to the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

ʺThrough the example of the Catalan referendum, we once again see a clash between the two principles of international law — the right of nations to self-determination and the territorial integrity of states. Catalonia has real historical, ethnic, cultural and linguistic differences from the rest of Spain and has been moving gently towards self-determination for years. In view of the fact that official Madrid, instead of engaging in a constructive dialogue with the region, has made a bid for a violent disruption of the referendum through police terror, it seems to me that, in doing so, it has exacerbated the situation by making a strong claim that the region will be lost to Spain.

There is no winning love by force. You can draw a parallel with the policy of the Kiev regime that organized a punitive operation, which had brought nothing but pockets and defeats, instead of engaging in an extensive dialogue,ʺ Miroslav Rudenko said.

He emphasized that, not in all aspects, the situation in Donbass and Catalonia could be compared legitimately.

ʺThe coup d’état and the illegitimate change of power did not take place in Madrid, unlike it was in Kiev. On the other hand, the decision to hold the referendum was taken by the Catalan regional Parliament and Madrid had no other option but to engage coercive pressure. The Catalans, however, responded to this with smart campaign of civil disobedience, and I believe, regardless of the outcome of the current referendum, Madrid, using the force of a police truncheon against the people of Catalonia, will lose this region in the near future,ʺ the deputy summed up.

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