Miroslav Rudenko: Glorification of collaborators during Great Patriotic War leads to collapse of Ukraine

Attempts to rewrite the history of the Great Patriotic War and the abandonment of one’s history became one of the reasons for the crisis of Ukrainian statehood, Miroslav Rudenko, the deputy of the DPR People’s Council, the chairman of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture, said on the air of the On the Same Page programme of Kometa radio station.

“Today we can observe attempts to rewrite the history of the Great Patriotic War. So, we see in the Baltic States and Ukraine a powerful wave of glorification of collaborators, creating their mythical heroic images. We see where it led Ukraine to – to the war and to the fact that this state ceased to exist in its former form, and there is a big question: what is the future of this post-Ukraine?” said the parliamentarian.

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