Miroslav Rudenko: People, who have no idea how to govern state, have come to power in Ukraine

The “People’s servant” party was initially meant to be a populist one. Rhetoric for speakers of this political force was chosen to please both the Western and Eastern parts of Ukraine. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that this party will have a dedicated staff capacity.

People, who have no idea how to govern a state, have come to power in Ukraine. No one should be surprised that the leadership of the party has to provide intense training to newly-minted deputies.

A striking example of the current electoral situation is the victory of a wedding photographer Sergey Shtepa over an experienced politician and a business executive Vyachslav Boguslayev in Zaporozhe. This situation is caused, on the one hand, by the Ukrainian population being tired of an incompetent policy, which was pursued by the previous Kiev authority and its desire to see new faces at the helm, and, on the other hand, by flaws of the system itself, so-called Western democracy, where incompetent people can come to power as a result of elections on a wave of populism.

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