Miroslav Rudenko:  Servant of the People party, having majority in Verkhovna Rada, will deprive Zelensky of possibility to accuse deputies of disrupting Minsk agreements

The victory of the Servant of the People presidential party in the elections to Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada was commented in an interview with the Donetsk News Agency by DPR People’s Council deputy Miroslav Rudenko.

“The results of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine generally justified numerous political science forecasts. In the wake of populism and a successful presidential election for the Zelensky team, the Servant of the People party, having processed 48.46% of the ballots, gets 42.42% or in total 247 seats in the Ukrainian parliament according to the lists and single-mandate districts. The second place goes to the opposition platform “For Life” – 12.84%, 43 deputies accordingly, “European Solidarity” – 8.67%, 27 seats accordingly, “Batkivschyna” (Fatherland) – 8.04%, 25 seats accordingly, and “Golos” (Voice) – 6.4%, 20 places accordingly. Such a result gives Zelensky the opportunity to form a one-party majority, for which 226 deputies from the faction are needed, and at the moment the Servant of the People has than that,” the parliamentarian noted.

According to Miroslav Rudenko, the success of Zelensky’s party in the elections to the Rada was backed by the fatigue of the Ukrainian people from the incompetent domestic and foreign policies of the Kiev authorities and hopes of some Ukrainians for a new face in politics and his team. This is also evidenced by the fact that the turnout for the snap elections of 2019 to the Verkhovna Rada was the lowest in the history of Ukraine and amounted to 49.8%.

“This result places a great responsibility on Zelensky and his party. Now, he will not have the opportunity to justify himself with the machinations of some political forces that prevent the adoption of the necessary laws for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and because of which the process is stalled,” the deputy stressed.

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