Miroslav Rudenko: Sympathizers of German Nazis in Donbass did not have support of population during Great Patriotic War

The people of Donbass negatively perceived Nazi ideology, unlike the Western Ukraine, where fascists had a considerable number of sympathizers during the Great Patriotic War. This was stated by the DPR People’s Council deputy and scholar in the field of history Miroslav Rudenko in the broadcast of “Comet” radio station.

ʺOn September 20, a meeting on the theme “Neo-Nazism and issues of preservation of historical memory in Ukraine” took place within the framework of the discussion platform “People’s Club” on the basis of the DPR People’s Council. In connection with the 75th anniversary of Donbass liberation from German invaders, we decided to consider those forces with which our ancestors fought from a scientific point of view. The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which stood by the Axis powers, was of particular interest for us.

In due time, one of the figures, who were known in Donbass during the German occupation, Yevhen Stakhiv stated without any evidence that he formed “Young Guard”, which, according to him, used to be a Bandera’s organization and allegedly had overwhelming support here. Fancy ideas in his books contradicted with both central historical archives in Kiev and our local ones.

There is a clear figure: 150 people were charged with a criminal offence for belonging to the OUN in the territory of Donbass after the end of the Great Patriotic War. And it is a land where millions of people lived!

This is a paltry figure for Donbass and less than one percent of the number of people who were involved in the OUN. They could not carry out any armed struggle here for one simple reason – they had no support from the population of Donbass,ʺ Miroslav Rudenko said.

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