MPs pursue developing legislation aimed at regulating activities of small coal mining enterprises

The Interim Commission is currently hands-on on the activities of small coal mining enterprises, working on the concept of a bill that allows existing business entities – artels, to carry out their activities in strict accordance with the legal mechanism that is being worked out.

Commission’s Deputy Chairman Dmitry Churadze told this to the People’s Council’s press service.

“The bill will define specific executive bodies that are to make decisions on the approval and issuance of permits. In the final version of the bill, the embedded legal mechanism will allow for obtaining a harmonized legal framework in the field of coal mining artels.

Suggestions and recommendations from relevant ministries and departments are submitted to the Interim Commission. In particular, recommendations were received from the Main Directorate of Geology and Geo-ecology under the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic. These proposals are aimed at clarifying the requirements for special permits, geological assessment and calculation of coal reserves, as well as agreements on the conditions for the use of subsoil.

The Interim Commission attracts scientific research institutes, executive bodies to its work, in cooperation with which the development of legislation regulating the activities of small coal mining enterprises continues,” the parliamentarian stated.

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