#Official Commentary of Elena Melnick on Ukraine’s intervention in electoral process of neighboring countries

Ukrainian nationalists, who have come to power as a result of the armed anti-constitutional coup, are no strangers to civilized expression of the will of the people. And Ukrainian oligarchic clans are not interested in popular will as such.

The Crimea blockade and civil war in Donbass are the most important confirmation. The people of these regions could not put up with Kiev’s anarchy and illegality. 96.77% of the Republic of Crimea’s voters and 95.6% of Sevastopol’s residents were in favour of the Crimea’s admission to the Russian Federation in March 2014. Then referendums on state sovereignty took place in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in May 2014: 89.07% of voters voted for the DPR’s sovereignty and 90.53% – for the LPR’s sovereignty. Crimeans as well as people of the DPR and LPR has been suffering to the present day from actions of the Ukrainian authority and from some Westerners, who support Ukraine.

Ukrainian nationalists ignore not only the Ukrainian people’s will, but also opinions of citizens of neighboring countries. The Kiev regime, which has seized power in barbaric way, allows itself to estimate legitimacy and soundness of elections held in other countries. Only the US allows itself such actions, but, apparently, the Kiev puppet thought it could use their “Western masters’” experience of conducting foreign policy.

On September 18, the State Duma’s elections of Russian Federation were held. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a regulation on non-recognition of these elections, its results, legal consequences and composition, authority, acts and decisions of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation, respectively, and the main reason is its conduct “in the Ukrainian temporary occupied territory of Crimea”. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government cynically continues to impose economic and energy blockade.

Kiev rulers were not satisfied with results of the first ballot of the presidential elections in Moldova, held on October 30. They tried to act as Americans, when the US was discontent with the parliamentary elections under the President Vladimir Voronin. The Socialists Party candidate Igor Dodon, who collected almost 49% of votes, won on the first round of the balloting. The leader of ‘pro-European’ party, Maia Sandu collected about 38% of votes and passed to the second ballot together with the socialist.

Igor Dodon is accused of being ‘pro-Russian’, which is a heavy sin by present pro-American standards. That is because the leader of the presidential elections advocates an improvement of relations with the Russian Federation and the Moldova’s membership in the Customs Union. Besides that, Igor Dodon said on the eve of the elections that the Crimea belongs to Russia, thereby expressing respect for will of inhabitants of the peninsula.

When the results of the first ballot of the presidential elections in Moldova were announced, Ukraine urgently recalled the Ukrainian Ambassador Ivan Hnatyshyn to Kiev ‘to consult’. Why does the Ukrainian authority care about elections in Moldova? What kind of ‘consultation’ can the country’s leadership give, which pursues an anti-social policy and eliminates its own people? However, I want to emphasize that anxiety of Ukrainian ‘euro integrators’ is not accidental, because we can draw quite a lot of parallels between Ukraine and Moldova. At the time, Moldova chose the European integration against will of its own people. As well as Ukraine, Moldova had been a candidate for a visa-free regime with the EU, but, unlike Ukraine, Moldova received it long time ago. Even the results of the first ballot of the presidential elections in Moldova say that nothing has changed for ordinary citizens after getting the promised visa-free regime.

A large percentage of voted for ‘pro-Russian’ candidate caused a panic among Ukrainian politicians. After all, it is not the first fiasco of ‘euro integrators’ lately. The ‘pro-European’ party has recently lost the parliamentary elections in Georgia. The former leaders of this party, many of whom hold senior roles in the Ukrainian government, are responsible for crimes against their own people at home. By the way, will Ukraine send the most odious Georgian ‘reformer’ back home after his resignation, which he has already announced?

I think that Ukraine will face such processes very soon. “Maidan” politicians are beginning to realize it. That is why the leadership of Igor Dodon triggered an inadequate response of the Kiev politicians, who began to threaten the Moldovan people. ʺThe blockade of Moldova, the blockade of cargo movement as well as movement of people,ʺ this is what expects Moldova according to the Verkhovna Rada deputy Viktor Romaniuk.

I find these statements nothing more than a direct aggression and intervention in the internal affairs of the independent sovereign country, which demonstrates the whole world true colours of the Ukrainian regime! The Moldovan voters can see where such ‘euro integrators’ as the current Ukrainian political leader can lead the country.

I am counting on good sense of Igor Dodon’s political opponents, who are forcing a policy of the European integration, in case of their defeat at the elections. I hope that they will not lobby for interests of Western curators at the expense of lives of their people. It is not necessary to take the Ukrainian leadership seriously. I am talking about the statement of the Defence Minister of Moldova Anatol Șalaru that he, together with his Ukrainian counterpart Stepan Poltorak, is going to make a detailed plan for withdrawal of Russian troops from Transdniestria.

In conclusion, I want to add that allegedly a pro-Russian candidate, who represents Socialists, is winning the first ballot of the presidential elections in Bulgaria. Following the logic of Ukrainian politicians, it is high time to recall their ambassador. I think that these moronic actions are not over, because we might hear a statement that Moscow ‘bought’ the whole world.

Elena Melnick, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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