Natalia Pshenichnaya comments on task group’ activities regarding state accreditation issue of one of DPR universities

On December 2, the People’s Council established a task group for the issue of state accreditation of the Donbass Academy of Law State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education. This was reported to the press service of the People’s Council by the head of the task group, the chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Ethics, Regulations and the Workflow Management of the People’s Council, Natalia Pshenichnaya.

“The task group consists of eight deputies of the People’s Council. During the past two meetings, the materials provided by the Academy were reviewed.

The Committee on Ethics, Rules and Workflow Management of the People’s Council has registered a draft resolution “On the Establishment of the Interim Commission on the Verification of the Lawfulness of Refusal of State Accreditation to the State Educational Institution of Higher Education “Donbass Law Academy,” which will be considered by the People’s Council on December 6. It will include deputies who became part of the task group.

The Interim Commission will analyze all the materials provided and give an objective assessment of the situation,” Natalia Pshenichnaya said.

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