Natalia Volkova: Adopted amendments to law on education are aimed at filling personnel gap in Republican enterprises

The People’s Council’s Committee on Education, Science and Culture is working on a number of draft laws designed to ensure that the educational system is stimulated to train specialists for DPR’s enterprises at the legislative level. The DPR’s law «On amendments to the law of the Donetsk People’s Republic Education “On education”», which regulates relationship between parties in the conclusion of a target training contract, is aimed at this and was adopted at the last plenary session.

Adopted amendments are aimed at filling a personnel gap within Republican enterprises. They will allow restructuring our educational system in such a way that will attract applicants to enroll in specialties, which are really necessary in our industrial region.

There has been a lack of balance in the system of higher and higher vocational education in the countries of the post-Soviet space since the 1990s. A huge number of young people become economists, managers, and then they cannot find a job in their degree field. At the same time, Donbass’ enterprises lack technical specialists. This draft law is aimed at solving this problem.

We have established a rule, according to which, it will be necessary to set an employment term in the organization that pays for student’s education while signing a contract on targeted training. This period must be at least three years. In addition, the issue of penalties applied in the case of non-compliance with the contract by a customer of the target training or a citizen is regulated.

In the first case, a customer pays compensation to a citizen who has signed a contract on targeted training in the amount equal to three times the average monthly accrued salary in the Donetsk People’s Republic. In the second one, a citizen is obliged to reimburse a customer of the targeted training the costs associated with the provision of social support measures.

I would like to emphasize that the sanctions are applied only to those graduates, who have entered into a contract with an enterprise and are not applied to those, who never entered into such a contract.

Also, we offer to supplement the existing legislation in the field of education by rules governing the admission to targeted education programs of higher vocational education. These provisions establish a procedure for setting applicant hiring rates for targeted education, the government’s power to set training quotas and others.

It is obvious from global economic trends that one of the most difficult and important tasks, which the Donetsk People’s Republic faces, is the revival and development of the education system and the provision of enterprises of our industrial regions with qualified personnel. And the Committee on Education, Science and Culture is doing its utmost to make this possible.

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