Natalia Volkova: Kiev’s authorities continue policy of infringement of Russian-speaking population of Ukraine

The Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Natalia Volkova commented on a law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada and which ensures the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the official state one in an interview to a correspondent of the online media outlet “RIA Novosti”.

ʺThe law provides strong ukrainization with financial responsibility. A special “language commission” will be established to find a violation of the legal language and to fine those responsible enormous amounts of money – from three thousand rubles. The developers of the law assert that it will become a guarantor of protection of the Ukrainian language, culture and identity, but, in reality, it will be language genocide and another step towards Ukraine’s breakup.

The law divides the inhabitants of the country into “friends”, who speak Ukrainian, and “foes”, who speak other languages. But for the record, the use of native language for speaking or writing by those “foes” can be regarded as an unlawful act, which is identical to the desecration of national Ukrainian symbols, and there is criminal liability for that. I think that this is a flagrant violation of human rights and freedoms,ʺ the deputy said.

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