Natalia Volkova: We continue working systematically on consolidation of Russian language as only state language in Republican legislation

The People’s Council’s Committee on Education, Science and Culture has introduced a new legislative initiative to amend the laws of the DPR “On education” and “On culture” in order to bring them into conformity with the norm that consolidates the Russian language as the only state one. This was reported by the Chairman of the Committee Natalia Volkova to the press service of the People’s Council.

ʺThe People’s Council amended the Constitution of the DPR on March 6, this year, thus supporting an initiative of the Head of the DPR to give Russian a status of the only state language. At the same time, amendments were made to the Law of the DPR “On Education”, according to which Russian language education would be introduced in Republican educational organizations. The law reiterates the possibility of receiving preschool, primary and basic general education in the native language of a pupil at the request of his or her parents.

However, a number of laws have left legal constructions that need to be brought in line with the changes mentioned above. The Committee proposes amendments to the norms regulating the education of foreign citizens and stateless persons in educational organizations of the Republic. For example, we are talking about students within the quota at the expense of budget allocations. According to the proposed changes, such students will be able to receive education only in the state language.

The draft law also requires the state to provide comprehensive development and functioning of the state language in the cultural sphere. I note that this is also guaranteed by the norms of the Constitution.

These changes depict the objective reality in the Republic: vast majority of Republican citizens have Russian as their mother tongue.

But, at the same time, I want to emphasize that further reform of the Republican legislation, aimed at strengthening a status of the Russian language as the only state language, will not entail restrictions on the rights of our citizens to speak in their native language. They still will be able to study in their native language, including Ukrainian, to preserve and develop their national culture,ʺ the parliamentarian said.

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