#Official Comment of Ekaterina Martynova on panic in the ranks of American propagandists

The Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is concerned about the lack of funding to counter Russian information policy.

According to her, the entire budget in this area, which is represented by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BGG), the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the US State Department, makes $100 million against allegedly $400 million at Russia Today.

In fact, this data can be easily verified. So, the BBG budget, according to official information, is $777 million, and the item of expenditure in USAID, which is responsible for “countering Russian aggression”, is $698 million. Even without taking into account the expences of the State Department, it makes about half a billion dollars. That is to say, Ms. Nuland underestimates the financial capabilities of American propagandists by 15 times (!). What is it? A fantastic mistake, morbid greed or fear of the Russian word in the global information field?

Even if to assume that there is not enough budget of the listed organizations for keeping of “strategically important audience” in tenacious embraces any more, the USA has an uncountable number of nongovernmental and non-profit organizations which have without exaggeration very strong influence both on mass media, and on education, and on political processes. It is Freedom House, Clinton Global Initiative, the Ford Foundation and similar structures.

Further the US Assistant Secretary of State  Victoria Nuland declared that her state helps “escaped” Russian journalists, including those who are going to return home, provides them with trainings. There is no wish to be prejudiced, but it is possible to assume with a high degree of probability that among the trainers and facilitators of these journalists there are “right” people of Langley and related organizations. Of course, the recruiting of “unlucky” doesn’t happen all the time, but necessary anti-Russian thesis are laid in immature minds. And they’re fixed with generous grants. As a result, overseas partners have a person who is not formally fits the category of a foreign agent, but acts against Russia and its allies.

Nonsense about the defenseless USA is nothing more than an attempt to cash in on the legacy from the times of “McCarthyism” fears of US congressmen and ordinary citizens.

The US Assistant Secretary of State has anxiously declared that the propaganda gets far less money than during the Cold War. Her confusion about this fact is unclear, because the Cold War ended 25 years ago, and the budget is trimmed reasonably. If Nuland wants to restart it, she would have to consider a few facts about the changed world. Firstly, Russia is not under the Iron Curtain any more, and she cannot create political myths about it freely. In case of any insinuation in its address the world community will immediately receive an alternative picture of the situation. Secondly, since the Cold War the number of global players leading a strong information policy has increased, and therefore it will be extremely difficult to stop “threats” from all directions even for the USA. So, maybe, you should not be at war with windmills?

It seems that the complaints about the “build-up of the Russian threat” have long been an excellent way to wheedle and use extra banknotes from the US budget. The main thing for the American establishment is to be very careful in their statements about the Russian threat, for thoughts create reality…

Ekaterina Martyanova, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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