#Official Comment of Marina Zheynova on the “country of subsidies”

Let us first recall what a subsidy is. Subsidy is targeted state aid to low-income families aimed at their social support that has non-repayable specific character. That is, the municipal subsidy is intended to pay for utilities and energy consumption (gas, water, electricity, thermal energy).

As declared in Yatsenyuk’s government in 2015, the new procedural formalities of its registration are to be carried out on more simplified procedures than earlier. But, as usual, for Ukraine it was the myth, some kind of a phantom or a ghost which, on the one hand, both is declared and exists on paper, but is poorly felt in practice.

Our citizens have many relatives who live on the territory occupied by Ukrainian oligarchic clans. We know about all of these problems with registration of subsidies that people face not from rumours but from the real stories of people who come to attend the appointment.

Now a little about the utility services tariffs in Ukraine, the level of which is growing not every year but every month already. Following the raising of tariff rates for gas and electricity, the cold water rate has been raised, and raising of the centralized hot water supply tariff has been announced. Also lobbying the idea of raising tariffs for the transportation of water and sanitation, as well as paying for the keeping of houses and building surrounding grounds has begun.

In today’s cost of utility services in Ukraine, the majority of citizens is not able to pay for services fully without serious consequences for the family budget and, surprisingly, is not eligible for subsidy, as I wrote about it earlier. In other words, it is the last stage of turning people into ‘spongers’.

Is it a pity for me that the money from the subsidies that from the budget after all (and it is about 40 billion hryvnia) is simply stolen. So, this money is not spent on modernisation of power systems, energy conservation, the development of production of own natural resources, but goes to the oligarchs’ pockets that sit on these financial flows, produce nothing, being the owners of “shell companies” and fly-by-night companies, and bring the finances offshore.

I am deeply convinced that the subsidies are a kind of utopia, another corruption scheme of Ukrainian government. I believe that the money spent on subsidies should be given for to the development of the activities mentioned above. If these activities are carried out, then the rates will be reasonable and accessible for the population. The development of economy will get a boost, tax revenue and human well-being will increase, the purchasing power of citizens will rise, and the need for subsidies will disappear. To do this, all these companies have to be state-owned, not private, and then the state and the elected government will be responsible before their own people.

There is a single conclusion: corruption still continues to thrive in Ukraine, and a mad war with Russian gas is escalating. In a word, “Ukraine is a country of lime subsidies.”

Marina Zheynova, Deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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