#Official Commentary of Alla Barhatnova on Kiev attempts to restore the Ukrainian TV broadcasting on the territory of Crimea

Ukrainian politicians do not cease to practise their dementia and demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the processes both in Ukraine and around the world.

Yet the world community did not manage to calm down after the laughter caused by marasmus of renaming cities  that are out of the Ukraine’s control, when Ukraine has declared the new brilliant idea – to restore broadcasting of the Ukrainian TV channels on the territory of the Crimea and Donbass. In particular, according to the member of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Sergey Kostinsky, there will be a powerful 150-meter TV tower in the Crimea which will be constructed on the border with the peninsula near the “Chongar” check point in the Kherson region. The tower built is sound, with powerful transmitters in order that it would be impossible to muffle its signals.

It is worth noting that, unlike the project with the renaming of cities, the construction of the TV tower will not be funded from the state budget, but at the expense of a certain private investor. It is assumed that the investor is willing to spend 3 million hryvnia to the fact that the Crimeans were able to learn the “plain truth”, including about themselves.

Assembling of the transmitter tower for the Crimea will start this year in September. The National TV and Radio Company of Ukraine hasn’t determined the terms of recovery of broadcasting in Donbass, as the installation of new TV towers in the region requires about 20 million hryvnia. However, experience shows that for such a thing Ukrainian officials will find both money and investors quickly. In the end, this is not a pension and social security payments.

Apparently, everything is so well and okay in Ukraine that politicians and officials of this country have nothing to do but to come up with the new names for the cities and to build TV tower on the uncontrollable territories. Investors, in their turn, are also not worried about the economic decline, political and social crisis, war and low standard of living in Ukraine.

Most likely, these venture capital investments have strong arguments that lie not in the social but in the military and political field of interest.

Ukraine and its western curators understand that they are losing the war in Donbass, and have also lost every chance to return the Crimea.  Having defeated in combat military career, Ukraine is desperately struggling in the information war, grasping at every available straw.

In this context, all striving to restore broadcasting in the Crimea and Donbas are nothing more than a tool for information warfare. Such an attempt to unleash destructive social processes in these regions, according to their calculations, will result in chaos in the territories. Strictly speaking, this is the main purpose of Ukrainian curators – the destruction of the people.

Alla Barhatnova, Deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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