#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on American athletes’ desire to boycott World Championship in bobsleigh in Sochi

The principle “Sport is out of politics,” which has long been considered unshakeable throughout the world, in fact, turned out to be empty words. As the events of the passing year show: the sport has long been a hostage of big money and big politics. And in politics, not all and not always are willing to follow the well-established norms of honor and international law.

For the sake of achieving the goal all means are good, so the United States use their athletes as a tool of the typical American propaganda in the information MMA. And how else can you call the American bobsleigh and skeleton team’s statements about intention to boycott the upcoming championship in Sochi in February 2017? It must be said that the reaction of Russian officials and politicians was not late in arriving. For example, a bobsledder, double Olympic champion Alexey Voyevoda said that the boycott of the Americans is pure madness.

“It is the top of madness, when the national team of America says it will not come to perform and will boycott world championship on bobsleigh. Let them be, at the moment they, in principle, do not have strong competitors to compete with our team, with European teams,” Alexey Voyevoda commented with these words on Americans’ statement.

Americans’ hysteria is caused by summer doping scandal, the reason of which was the report of Richard McLaren, which led to a real harassment of Russian athletes. According to the statements of American athletes, they are extremely astir about the situation of the doping control and worry about their personal safety in the event, as well as are waiting for the publication of the second part of the report of the investigation, which McLaren conducts.

In summer Mr. McLaren could not name names and provide evidence of the involvement of Russian athletes to cheat with the substitution of doping samples. To all requests and requirements, including the International Olympic Committee, he replied that “time for the names has not yet come.” However, unsubstantiated accusations did not prevent the IOC to suspend a third of the Russian team from participating in the Olympic Games in Rio, and other athletes were subjected to additional tests, even just before the performances. McLaren’s report literally put an end to the participation of Russian athletes in the Paralympic Games – the Paralympic Team of the Russian Federation was suspended from it in its entirety.

New Mr. McLaren’s anti-doping attack happened on

December 9. In the conference room of London hotel “St. Pancras Renaissance” the second part of the pseudo incriminating report was presented to the public. It should be noted that the public waited impatiently for a new series of thrilling investigation, because the first part of it was like a story starring James Bond. In the first series of anti-doping saga the evidence base, it seems, was based on data obtained by substituting by negligent laboratory technicians of doping tests through the special holes in the walls and with the help of specially trained KGB or FSS agent, disguised as a plumber. (I think that we should not focus on the fact that the Russian plumbers never wear a special uniform, and a person generally in whatever uniform immediately arouses suspicion among the Russian people.) What for has this fascinating detective received a sequel?

According to statements of McLaren, while preparing the first report, he did not have enough time, because he was in a hurry to make it public before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio, and emphasized the fact that he has collected a lot of evidence, but they are hidden in a safe place.

For further investigation, WADA has allocated a large sum to Mr. McLaren – $ 1.3 million, plus later 500 thousand were allocated to him by the IOC. The money was obtained under the condition of a full report on embezzlement. The report should have specific, confirmed charges, otherwise it would turn out that Mr. MacLaren not only needlessly squandered such a sum of money, but also tripped both WADA and IOC. That’s why McLaren announces the availability of state influence on the result of doping tests Russian athletes with such zeal. Perhaps for this reason, in the second part of the report the main evidence base included the presence of some stains and scratches on the vials. The fact that Russia was charged of violating the integrity of the tubes, despite the fact that doping tests were stored in the IOC’s  labs and had been taken by them without any criticism, cannot but cause bewilderment.

These facts suggest that McLaren’s task was not to expose athletes using doping, but to organize another campaign to discredit Russia. Everyone remembers that shortly after the publication of the first part of the hit, entitled “Report of McLaren,” it became known that the results of analyzes of the athletes from other countries also showed the presence in the body of illicit drugs. Moreover, they consumed such drugs, compared to which the sensational meldonium will seem just a pill with vitamin C. A group of hackers Fancy Bear, who hacked WADA server, assisted in disclosure of these facts. Not only I have a fair question: why WADA has turned a blind eye, for example, to a positive test for amphetamines and stimulants from the American athlete Simone Biles? Moreover, the disclosed information quickly found an excuse: it turns out, the athlete is suffering from extraordinary and severe disease – attention deficit disorder, and illicit drugs are taken legally, and therefore Simone Biles is ‘clear’! Why, then, this athlete participates in a competition on an equal basis with healthy athletes? If a person has a serious illness, requiring long-term use of serious drugs, they should be cured or be in a Paralympic team.

In conclusion, I want to say that this whole doping saga is more like a kitchen scandal, in which the right is the one who shouts the loudest. Indulging anti-Russian rhetoric, Western athletes mindlessly see the facts exactly as they were present to the community by WADA, led by Richard McLaren: everybody sticks to a fair fight, and one only Russian sport is a stronghold of lies and doping. It is a pity if such rhetoric does have an impact on the desire to organize a boycott of the athletes, and because of the dirty politics of the West, they will not be able to compete for the championship in the World Cup in Sochi.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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