#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on Ban Ki-moon’s statement concerning Russia

According to the expectation, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon officially refused to confute his words and to apologize to the Ukrainian government for his statements made at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

I will remind you that earlier the UN Secretary-General, speaking at the opening ceremony of the forum in St. Petersburg, declared that Russia, being a permanent member of the UN Security Council, plays “a crucial role” in the solution of vital global issues in the world beginning with the completion of the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria and ending with the protection of human rights and control over non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons.

In Ukraine the words of the Secretary-General caused sharply negative resonance and Ukrainian diplomat Vladimir Elchenko declared, that the Ukrainian government intends to introduce the official resolution in the UN General Assembly with the request to explain Ban Ki-moon’s statements and apologize for his words. He reasoned his actions with the fact that, in his opinion, Russia is the main aggressor against Ukraine and it is unacceptably to eulogize its role in the reconciliation of military conflict in Donbass.

In his turn Ban Ki-moon officially declared that he won’t refuse his words, pronounced at the St. Petersburg Forum, since everything he told reflects reality and position of the UN General Assembly.

Once again Ukraine was shown its place and it became clear, that it will receive the support of the international community until it will be favorable to the community. At the present moment the geopolitical environment of the world develops in such a way that for both Europe and the West it is more beneficial to be on good terms with Russia than to be at war. In other words, Ukraine is not the country for Europe for the sake of which it is necessary to break off friendship with Russia. Alas, tolerance is a good thing, but “the weak” always turn to “the strong”.


Alla Barkhatnova, People`s Council Deputy

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