#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on emergence of Korean media products in Ukraine

The anti-Russian propaganda is rapidly gaining momentum in Ukraine. By limiting the broadcasting of the Russian TV channels and creating a so-called black list of cultural figures, the Ukrainian establishment realized that they had created ‘an informational vacuum’ for their citizens and made a brilliant decision – to expand the horizons of the Ukrainians by means of Korean TV channels.

First of all, the idea itself is puzzling: it is difficult to compare Ukraine and South Korea. Different mentality, different needs, different outlooks… On this basis, probably, entertainment programmes will be broadcasted on the Ukrainian TV channels, something neutral, non-binding to think and analyze, just to listen.

The fact that the Ukrainian population is being imposed on only one point of view by TV channels, eradicating any possibility of an alternative opinion in every possible way, is no longer a secret. All events, all news are presented form the perspective of the anti-Russian propaganda, people are being simply brainwashed. They are deprived of the opportunity to look adequately at the current situation. What we can say about the ban of 77 Russian TV channels, if there is an introduced bill on a total ban of the Russian books’ import. By the way, will the Russian books also be replaced by the Korean ones? The main goal for Kiev puppets is to show that the ‘derussification’ order of Ukraine is carried out, and no matter what alternative will be offered in return of the Russian content. ‘Maidan’ authorities deprive people of the right to have their own opinion, the right to dissent, even the right that a different opinion exists. It is noteworthy that all this is presented as a democracy.

In fact, the Ukrainians do not have much choice: either to continue listening to the outright propaganda mixed up with shoddy Ukrainian media products or Korean programmes. I doubt that the Ukrainians will be watching Korean entertainment programmes with joy and considering it another ‘victory’, sitting in the cold flats, with a penny in their wallets after paying unsustainable utility payments. And by the way, why Korean ones, not American or European? If the problem resides in financing, then why the Western media companies do not grant the Ukrainian ‘campaigners for democracy’ a discount for their products?

Indeed, there is no need to resolve social issues, to work for the benefit of the people, if overseas bosses of the Ukrainian government have already determined aspects of work – to do everything that comes to their heads, if it is related to anti-Russian propaganda. And now, I am sure that no one cares how ordinary citizens survive. The main goal has been achieved: the ‘Russian threat’ is being suppressed in the information field by all means! And the rest of the propaganda does its job, weaning people from thinking for themselves and understanding who is a real enemy of the Ukrainian people and who constitutes a menace.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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