#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on futile attempts of Ukrainian parliamentarians to prevent worldwide recognition of Crimea as part of Russia

The answer to the question of whose Crimea is has long been clear and obvious to everyone, but only Ukraine for more than two years continues to deny the objective reality. Moreover, the Ukrainian politicians actively advertise themselves on the topic of allegedly Ukrainian belonging of the peninsula, still claiming some rights for the territory.

Recently, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Committee’s Secretary Ivan Vinnik made an extraordinary statement urging the United States to impose sanctions on the Italian politicians who arrived yesterday in the Russian Crimea on an official visit. Immediately the clueless deputy’s words were supported by the head of the Verkhovna Rada’s Foreign Affairs Committee Anna Gopko who considered it necessary to remind that visiting Crimea should be coordinated precisely with the Ukrainian side, otherwise the visit of the delegation, in her opinion, is above the law.

Statements by representatives of Ukraine are frank populism. In March 2014 residents of Crimea have made their choice in the referendum by voting for reunification with their historical homeland. Crimea and Simferopol were accepted as two new subject of the Russian Federation. Over 2.5 years, Russia has established the region’s supply of electricity, water, food and other necessities so that Crimeans can fully live and work.

So on what grounds Ukrainian politicians make such statements? Why do they still claim to power in the region, which is lost because of their own anti-constitutional actions?

Another nuance clearly characterizing the position of Ukraine in the world as a US vassal is sanctions which were demanded by the national deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ivan Vinnik. Please note that Ukraine did not threaten the Italian deputies with the restrictive measures but asked its owner to influence the “violators”. At the same time Ukraine has introduced a lot of restrictive measures in relation to the inhabitants of the peninsula. The chosen tactics – “traitors live there, and it is impossible to go there without our permission” – is very similar to the policy of isolation against Russia which the White House is trying to implement. So, the Ukrainian authorities should think about the fact that in case of the response from the European or Russian politicians the States will not reimburse the costs of the damage suffered as a result of countermeasures.

Ukraine has long lost the ability to make their own decisions, has become politically untenable and has absolutely bogged in American intrigues. And this intimidating with sanctions may sound from the lips of Ukrainian parliamentarians only as long as Ukraine is seen as a US project. Otherwise I doubt that Kiev would dare to voice complaints regarding the territory of the other country.

By the way, the Italian delegation’s visit to the peninsula is a step towards its international recognition as the part of the Russian Federation, and representatives of Italy were among the first to dare to say in spite of the United States: “Crimea is Russia!” Syrian authorities have also recognized Crimea an integral part of Russia. The international community gradually accepts objective reality, understanding that the choice of the Crimean people was a deliberate and legitimate, and puppet Kiev authorities continue to make absurd antics in the form of threats, so that the world considered the Crimea and Donbass Ukrainian territory.

I hope that one day this country will realize that people have a right to independently make a choice: it is a manifestation of true democracy, not the one that is presented by the current US rulers as an example. Ukraine still does not realize that Crimea has been lost once and for all, because the Ukrainian authorities are not able to recognize their own mistakes and accept the choice of the Crimean people.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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