#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on latest paid-for video scripts for Western audience

They say if you write the truth twice and one lie at the end, people will believe lie because there has been truthful material before. And then there is an opinion that the media is another power. In recent years, it is also a very effective tool that allows you not only to shape public opinion, but also to control the masses.

With the help of such manipulation it is easy to fight with someone else’s hands, to share and to capture new territories, or to justify the military mission in a foreign country. But that is not all. Fake news is also created in order to distract people from more important issues, such as low wages and high utility rates. People are always attracted to the drama, and the more blood it has, the better this news will spread. Professionals that create news skillfully dilute fakes with real events and facts that can be easily checked, so that as a result the viewer does not have any doubt that they have been conveyed the truth.

Perhaps this is what the British television channel Sky News counted on, showing the audience a shoddy story of the war in Syria. The film is based on the monologue of a top-secret mercenary, without evidence and facts. The goal: the audience must believe that in Syria there is a ‘million’ Russian mercenaries fighting for a salary of 250 thousand rubles, they kill and execute people, and moderate Syrian opposition hardly resists them. By the way, the Romanian prosecutor Daniel Horodniceanu from the department for combating organized crime and terrorism, said that Sky News has also fabricated their investigation of the illegal arms trade in Romania.

Conscious actions of people aimed at manipulating public consciousness and making money in such a dirty way, cause confusion and negativity personally in me. I would like to ask: what such projects are designed for? For sensation, hype and overall acceptance in the international press?

To what extent they do not respect themselves and their viewers, to what extent they are opportunistic and corrupt to issue a blatant lie for the truth. It is clear that the British television channel is just a tool for performing a concept of ‘real client’ ready to pay money for discrediting Russia and the Russian military. And the number of such orders increases proportionally with Russian successes in the fight against international terrorism on the Syrian front.

You can think of another paid-for film of the German TV channel ZDF, which for the sake of dubious earnings subsequently lost the trust of its audience. It turns out that in this case, guided by the policy of double standards, a well-known advertising slogan should sound as “the image is nothing – money is everything!”.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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