#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on peculiarities of national Ukrainian raiding

In Ukraine, a new scandal with the raider gamy erupted. General Prosecutor’s Office carries out another rummage in a large company “BRSM-Nafta”.

Today Ukrainian raiding reached such a scale in which any businessman or owner cannot feel that their right to the inviolability of private property is guaranteed by the state and protected by law. Since the law itself became a tool in the hands of raiders.

Stories with the seizure of various businesses, ranging from farmers and ending with the supermarket chain, literally overwhelmed Ukraine. This is due to the fact that frank bandits came into power in this country. Sums promulgated in their high-profile e-declarations are eloquent on progress. In Ukraine, it is time to open the National University of Raiding to teach this lucrative profession and issue the relevant certificates. I think that the level of qualification of graduating bandits it will surpass even the Somali Institute of Piracy.

Returning to the situation in the offices of the group of companies “BRSM-Nafta,” it does not seem to me we have to get too worry about their fate. This is not the first ‘squeeze on’ by the public authorities under the corporation’s belt. It is worth remembering that last year there was a fire in one of the oil depots of the company, which killed six people and 15 suffered burns and poisoning by combustion products. A criminal case was initiated on this fact, and even a trial was held. The story of the fire opened the terrible details of the surrogate production in conditions of absolute failure to comply with all safety standards, which ultimately led to disaster and death. It seemed that now the era of falsification and corruption schemes in the fuel business in Ukraine will come to an end. But no, the company continues to work, and it looks like those responsible for this tragedy and will not be punished.

Today’s rummage is just a new stage in of the next redistribution of spheres of influence, and the persons involved in this process act rude and openly. They came up with the most banal reason for the inspections: “tax evasion.” But I think in terms of complete impotence of Ukrainian judicial system the case will be swept under the rug, and security forces and management of the corporation will agree on mutually beneficial conditions for the further development of this profitable business behind the scenes. This is probably is democracy in understanding of Ukrainians in power and law enforcement agencies.

This episode clearly illustrates the general trend: Ukraine is becoming a criminal state with a strong component of the terrorist. This explosive mixture with the addition of an aggressive Nazi ideology will eventually represent a growing threat to neighboring countries. This is what, in my opinion, the overseas owners of the Kiev regime are trying to achieve: creation on the Ukrainian territory of a terrorist state on the basis of crime and use it as a weapon against Russia. But there is this one unpleasant nuance for US satellites from Europe. Such pirate kingdom threatens European countries too. It is useless to appeal to Ukrainian politicians, but the Europeans should properly reflect on what kind of monster-pig American partners planted for them, and stop the process of creating a criminal terrorist state before it is too late…

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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