#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on pitfalls of Ukraine’s financial assistance

“In debt to the armpit” is a phrase that accurately describes the current situation of Ukraine that used to be a self-sufficient state back in the day. The Ukrainian politically illiterate ‘rulers’ have brought the country to poverty practically, asking Europe for financial assistance and loans again and again. A total lack of money gives rise to all kinds of corruption and fraud, in which modern Ukraine has succeeded.

The EU has postponed granting Ukraine another financial aid recently: Ukraine did not get 600 million euros, because of the current moratorium on timber export. The euro-zone countries have been showing interest in the Ukrainian forests for a long time, because the western part of Ukraine is a real source of fine wood. The expensive timber was smuggled across a border under the guise of sanitary purification of forests, and ‘enterprising officials’ received money for that. Of course, such activities harm the state, but it completely suited those who were involved in it.

The EU is trying to legalize the process of plundering in Ukraine now by manipulating it with another ‘sop’. You must admit that purchase of goods at minimum risks and in unlimited quantities will significantly simplify business process. But how will it affect the provider state? Taking into account the ‘legalization’s’ pace and scale of the upcoming deforestation, forests of the western Ukraine may remain only in memories in the near future.

Ukraine is facing another choice now: to receive financial support and completely destroy unique natural area in its territory or to repulse assistance, thereby worsening the situation in the economy. It is worth noting that both options bode no good to the state. Even if the authorities decide on lifting of the moratorium and get the financial aid, the European companies will continue making profit out of the country by selling ready-made furniture made of Ukrainian wood to Ukrainians, but several times more expensive. The EU is interested in Ukraine as a provider of low-cost raw materials and as a market for their products subsequently. In fact, the country has become a source of raw materials for Europe rather than a provider of technology and derived products. Everyone understands that, but selflessly pretend that the bright European future will come to Ukraine soon.

I sincerely hope that the Ukrainians, including political elite, will see clearly and realize neither the EU nor the US need them as an independent state and it is necessary to live and work for the sake of their own people, but not for the interests of others. It is high time to think about it or even the little that still remains in Ukraine will be plundered shamelessly and irretrievably lost.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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