#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on political battles between Onishchenko and Poroshenko

The process of state building in Ukraine is regularly accompanied by scandals and the grandstand play. Many politicians are preparing another batch of exposures in order to obtain political and material dividends. There are those who have been out of work and want a simple retaliation for the removal from the public trough. In short, in the range of ‘political elites’ you can find everything except fulfill their direct duties – work for the good of the country and people.

The main heroes of the next series of the Ukrainian political comedy became the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and deputy Alexander Onishchenko, who said that he owns a crushing compromising material on the guarantor of the country. In an interview with “Country” Ukrainian MP said that within a year he was secretly recording talks with Poroshenko where they discussed issues regarding the purchase of votes in the Ukrainian Parliament. Also, according to Onishchenko, in records of conversations there is exposing information on the so-called gas business because of which the deputy has been deprived of immunity and ran abroad not to be an arrested.

It should be borne in mind that Poroshenko – Onishchenko tandem itself is a corruption scheme: acting as a mediator, the MP used to organize the sale of the votes in the Verkhovna Rada, while the President acted as a sponsor and a direct customer, and the Parliament supported “necessary” decisions. Now it’s time to exchange pleasantries: Onishchenko handed dirt on Poroshenko to the “elders” – the American secret services, and in return received, which is not surprising, allegations of “pro-Kremlin information attack”, the favourite of Ukrainian authorities.

Next Bankova let down informational “Temnik” (a closed directive management for Ukrainian mass media, which contains detailed instructions on how to cover political events in Ukraine in the news), which obliges Ukrainian media to refer to Onishchenko’s direct relationship with the FSB. It is not surprising, but in the story also the administration of Poroshenko requires to mention Tymoshenko as one of the customers of this corruption exposure. Apparently, the “gas queen” does seriously hinder to plunder Ukrainian lands. Perhaps it is because her own schemes are implemented without her? And she knows a lot about the dark cash flow…

At first glance, it may seem that an emerged scandal is a kind of a tool in the struggle for justice, for truth, for decent people to be able to decide the fate of the people and the state. One is trying to tackle corruption, the second – the alleged “Russian aggression”, but it is no longer possible to believe in the triumph of justice in Ukraine. Ahead of us is a classic example of the struggle of the oligarchs, where both characters are at real war, and “clean” one is the one who was poured the dirt less on. In fact, the chaos in Ukraine is now going on at every step: you need to build something on the site where a small business is trying to survive – not a problem. Direct proof – elimination of trade places, which were not in the right place at the wrong time. As they say now in Ukraine, people in balaklava at your service.

Fighting for the business, the struggle for influence are the main priorities in the work of the political elite in Ukraine. Do you really think they care about people if their own millions and lust for power are at stake?

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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