#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on radicals’ attack on office of “Ukrainian choice” public movement in Kiev

Ukrainians commemorated a sad anniversary of so-called “revolution of dignity” last week in Kiev. And they commemorated it with all attributes of “Maydan”: set tires on fire, raided the office of the “Ukrainian choice” public movement… However, participants of “revolution of dignity” took a beauty salon as the Medvedchuk’s office and smashed everything they could there. But it can be understood and forgiven – they are being childish, they are having a holiday.

Viktor Medvedchuk suddenly noticed that ʺthe “party of war” had put threats into motion – physical violence against those who attempted to peacefully resolve the conflict in Donbass, to draw a country together and end the armed conflict”. It is quite interesting observation after launching the ‘ATO’ in Donbass, after people falling out of windows, for example, deputy of “Party of Regions” Mikhail Chechetov and the high-profile murder of Oles Buzina in 2015. And finally, in 2016, Medvedchuk discovered what was going on in Ukraine. Apparently, the pogrom in his own office has opened his eyes or, maybe, something else has. However, after seeing the reality Viktor Medvedchuk and the “Ukrainian choice” public movement appealed to the international community to give due assessment to the actions of radicals. We remember how the international community reacted to killing of civilians in Donbass, but we understand that the attack on the Medvedchuk’s office is an entirely different matter and, possibly, the reaction will completely different. Or maybe, there will be no reaction. But it is important to understand how such events can occur and why the Ukrainian government does not prevent such actions.

To maintain the rule of law and order is a direct duty of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is how it works in any civilized democratic country in the world. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has its own specifics. The Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov had been implementing reforms in the ministry entrusted to him and changing the staffing for three years after the victory of “Maidan”. As a result, supporters and participants of “Maidan” are a basis of the Ukrainian police officer personnel and special divisions like “Azov”, which consist of people who embrace the Nazi ideology, are the main driving force. Thus, when thugs from “Maidan” groups rampage through the streets, they get suppressed by the same thugs, but dressed in police uniforms. And when it comes to the struggle for power between groups – they cope with it perfectly. But when “Maidan” supporters smash the enemy’s political office – why do they need to be dispersed? Perhaps, the police itself would have liked to have taken part in the pogrom if they had not been on duty.

Currently, Arsen Avakov and Viktor Medvedchuk are political opponents. If Viktor Medvedchuk is trying to tackle the issue of the Ukraine’s existence in the Minsk negotiations, then Avakov prepares his subordinates for ‘deoccupation’ of Donbass. There cannot be a political peace between them, and using of the “Maidan” groups in the political struggle is a common practice. Avakov has an advantage over his political opponents in this sense, because he is able to subdue the ardor of street hooligans with the help of his subordinates or to sabotage this process. The irony is that the police differ from hooligans only by wearing uniforms. However, the current Ukrainian political absurdity has become a daily reality. While, Medvedchuk counts on the world community’s assessment of what is happening. It is his right. But let us not forget that the connivance of the world’s political powers made the current situation in Ukraine possible. As the saying goes – hope springs eternal in the human breast.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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