#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on statements’ inadequacy of the Security Service of Ukraine’s Head Gritsak

Statements of Vasily Gritsak, the Head of the SSU, remind of madman’s ravings rather than intelligible rhetoric of Ukraine’s Head of security agency with increasing frequency.

The other day Vasily Gritsak declared that the State Security Service of Ukraine had stopped military encroachment of  Russia on Ukraine which, in his opinion, had to take place in the spring of  2015. Gritsak noted that Russia had planned to make the invasion into Odessa region from the territory of  Transnistria guised as “militia”, and after they planned to occupy the whole country from several fronts. However, according to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, thanks to prompt and competent actions of the Ukrainian intelligence agencies, military attack was successfully stopped.

The question arises, is it possible that sir Gritsak questions the power of the Ukrainian army and law enforcement agencies that would not be able to oppose a few hundreds of Russian peacekeepers stationed in Transnistria?

However, the Security Service of Ukraine, as always stays ahead. By the way, the SSU strategy in military matters is very simple: they invented the attack, believed in it, after they repelled it and, of course, praised themselves for brilliant and operational accomplishment of this mission. However we can only guess with whom invisible front fighters of  Vasily Gritsak were actually at war. In the context of the statement on the prevention of the invasion from Transnistria the Head of SSU looks no better than Don Quixote, who was desperately fighting with windmills, like Gritsak now at war with Russia, which is absent at this war. To repel a hypothetical invasion in practice is a top performance for which Gritsak rightly deserves the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Besides the point, as Vladimir Gritsak and his team are directly managed by the American intelligence services, there is an offer to advertize the Ukrainian department in mythical operation to prevent fictitious threats anywhere to choose from Africa or Australia. Like, they have reflected an attack of the giraffes recruited by FSB or kangaroos, or have carried out special operation on destruction of the artful Kremlin’s plan to violate climatic conditions in Europe. It is necessary to refer to cast iron proof: the winter was in the winter, but not in the summer. And there has to be a feature film in Hollywood based on all of this. At least it will be a notable “victory” but not the boring statement without logic and the facts.

Alla Barhatnova, deputy of the DPR Peoples’ Council

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