#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on Ukraine’s choice ‘made in USA’

The work of the US Vice President Joseph Biden is very difficult and demanding job. Every day he spends few hours of his precious time on clarification of reasons, why Europe needs to impose sanctions on Russia.

Time has shown that the effectiveness of this kind of pressure on Russia is practically zero. Disputes about its cancellation have been taking place since the beginning of summer, because the cancellation can significantly increase the rating of many European political leaders among population affected by these sanctions.

There is increasing number of countries in Europe, which state openly about it, as a result of illegal and meaningless sanction policy as for Russia. America only adheres to the international law, where it serves its interests. Looking for a compromise with the US leadership on this issue is a waste of time, because a compromise means only an unconditional fulfillment of its requirements for America.

Exerting pressure on Europe on the subject of anti-Russian sanctions, the US pursues certain goals and the most important of which is to harm the Russian economy, followed by its separation into independent parts. We can also see the economic weakening of Europe itself in the US’s plans. The US’s plans are to make Russia a silent donor of resources, as well as to prevent its development and economic growth. The rupture of relations between the West and the East is a basic principle of the US policy towards Russia and Europe. There is no advantage for America, if Russia and the UN resume partnership links.

Besides sanctions, which put pressure on Russia, the US uses actively its neighbor – Ukraine. According to the chief curator of Ukraine Joseph Biden gives the Ukrainian government advices at least once a week, persuading to initiate reforms in the country. The Vice President Biden complains that there are at least five counties being ready to drop anti-Russian sanctions. The remarkable interpretation of Biden’s words was given by Maria Zakharova: ʺHappiness of our (American – Ed.) children will be a consolation for yours (Ukrainian – Ed.).ʺ

It is clear only to Mr. Biden and the US government how the reforms in Ukraine and lifting of the anti-Russian sanctions are linked. But such statements say about only one thing: Ukraine, as a puppet of the US, must carry out everything that the West does not have a slightest reason to lift sanctions against the Russian Federation.

If we follow this logic, it turns out that the Ukrainian officials are not able to assess and influence on the situation in which Ukraine is right now. It is necessary to ask ‘senior comrades’ for advice, and recent advices were given with obvious irritation. Being the President of Ukraine for more than two years, Poroshenko spends most of his time asking for money and extend sanctions against Russia. But it is not clear why the development of Ukraine directly depends on the artificial suppresion of the Russian Federation’s economy. After all, according to the Ukrainian leaders, it has everything to start its own economic upturn: the most democratic government, freedom of speech and association agreements with the EU. What prevents the new Ukrainian government to implement reforms and fight against corruption in the country, is “unpublished” mystery.

Let us suppose that Ukraine has a choice: either to initiate reforms on the instructions of the US, including implementing of Minsk agreements, or to abandon the plan, but then Russia will free itself from sanctions. But now we see that Kiev adheres to the second option. Apparently, to spite the neighbor, according to the Ukrainian proverb “I will burn down my shed, if the neighbor’s cow dies”, for the Ukrainian ‘elects’ is more important than peace and stability in their own country.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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