#Official Commentary of Alla Barkhatova on extreme degree of ‘democracy’ in Ukraine

Today the Ukrainian officials face a difficult task: to find who is guilty of the fact that “Maidan” did not help to solve problems which, actually, led people to this “Maidan”.

Not only that it became a hundred times worse. Ukraine was not taken to the European Union, debts of the IMF hung like a heavy burden, the war in the east does not stop, and the armed nationalists wander about the country being engaged in classical repartition of property, extortion and robbery…

Situation in which Ukraine was driven by its leaders forces them to invent new ways to find justifications to a mess scales of which grow in a geometrical progression. Now the whole Ukraine will be occupied not just with search of traitors, separatists and terrorists among the fellow citizens – Ukrainians got a unique opportunity to report about “facts” of citizens’ assistance to the authorities of the DPR and LPR. For these purposes even a special direct telephone line was created. According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, a few people called the line already.

What can I say about this? I think that anyway everyone understands that such projects, moreover, organized at the state level is the ultimate degradation of the country’s leadership.

Sometimes it seems to me that in Kiev someone has unearthed some kind of manuals’ collection of the Great Patriotic War left there by the Nazis on the topic “How to conquer the world without attracting the attention of hospital attendants”. They act according to the classics of the genre for the building of the fascist dictatorship. To start with, the power coup was carried out, after which all the spheres of influence were divided among ‘stand up guys’. Then they began a targeted persecution of the opposition, including direct destruction and clearance of all dissidents. The information space of the country is almost completely subordinated to the authorities. They strive not to talk about fact that the Ukrainian Constitution provides some rights for freedom of expression. They bethink of constitutional rights only when it is necessary to release from prison the criminals involved in the murder of journalists or the so-called ‘heroes of ATO’ that ran down on an AVV a little girl and her mother in Konstantinovka.

Authorities in Ukraine claim about ‘democratization’ of society, as well as the complete de-communization, which, in their opinion, will lead Ukraine into the European community. But the thing is that the methods used are very far from the concept of ‘democracy’. Ukrainian politicians are constantly demonstrating the inconsistency, they do not carry out their function systematically, but they also do not implement the terms of international agreements signed by them. In their desire to retain power by any means, Ukrainian politicians have sunk to constructing the state of police goons, where authority is supported by intimidation and coercion of the population to obey.

We can only wait for the people of Ukraine to become tired of suffering from arbitrariness and dictatorship of the Ukrainian authorities. Sooner or later the question of remedy will arise – even now the streets of Kiev are full of mass meetings against the horrible tariffs on utility services, the miners declare strikes again, bang helmets, and the ‘patriots of the ATO’ are not too much in favour all over the country. Someday, the Ukrainians will have to make a decision and carry out a complete dismantling of the government. The sooner this happens, the fewer people and territories Ukraine will lose…

Alla Barkhatnova, deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR

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