#Official Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on abolition of government price control for socially important food products in Ukraine

Statement that the government plans to abolish the state regulation of prices for socially important food products was published on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. What it may lead the country to?

First, a sharp jump in prices, the decline in living standards, and other negative consequences will happen in Ukraine.

Second, some countries have resorted to the deregulation of prices, but this only led to an excessive drop in consumer demand due to a sharp rise in prices of socially important products.

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine states that in such a way they plan to improve the business environment and to simplify the business conditions. But did the state elite think about ordinary people in the country, who already are in a difficult economic situation? It costs nothing for entrepreneurs to agree among themselves and to set sky-high prices for socially important food products.

One gets the feeling that the Ukrainian authorities are coming up with new ways for their own gain. It is worth noting that utility tariffs, gasoline prices only increase in Ukraine, which, in turn, is reflected in the formation of consumer prices. This once again confirms that the situation is beneficial to someone, but certainly not to ordinary consumers, for whom it will be difficult to buy essential goods.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy, the head of public project “People’s Control”

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