#Official Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on another contradiction in Ukrainian policy

After the statement of one of the most odious Ukrainian politicians Mikhail Saakashvili about the fact that Ukraine has to refuse the IMF`s support, I have a few questions about some inconsistencies in the previous announced European integration program.

Since `Maidan´ the Ukrainian populists, who have become political elite later on, promised enormous financial investments of the western investors in case of signing the association agreement with the EU. I am sure that the Ukrainian citizens do not forget the loud statements and analyze the situation adequately, and they will be in solidarity with me that the Ukrainian politicians contradict themselves. Probably, the Ukrainian authority counts on a short memory of their voters.

By the way, the former Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, formally declared in 2014, that the western investors were ready to give technical equipment and finances for the development of the Ukrainian agribusiness industry and all that is left for the Ukrainians to do is `to produce and sell jointly´. I think, that the western investors remember this self-proclaimed politician as an organizer of corruptive scheme like a `wall´ project.

Before the first tranche disbursement in 2014, IMF had been criticizing the policy of the Ukrainian authority for the past few years, which resulted that the current account deficit reached 9% of GDP in 2013, the national debt increased up to 41% of GDP, the internal debt (both national and corporative debts) – 79% of GDP. I would like to ask the IMF representatives: why present activities are several times higher than the previous ones, if you have been ruling the country for more than two years? Did the Fund have a goal to rupture the Ukrainian economy?  Or did the disastrous corruption prevent their benevolent intentions? It is interesting to note that the Ukrainian inhabitant is being given nothing but promises that are not in accord with reality.

The western media do not hesitate to comment the corruption in Ukraine. For example, Washington Post published an article entitled “How Western aid enables graft addiction in Ukraine”.

Against the background of Petro Poroshenko`s regular promises about multi-billion investments in the Ukrainian `corruption field´, the Ukrainian president is involved in the offshore scandal himself. At the same time he claims: `I want to say to our enemies and opponents: those who hoped that the budget program and the cooperation program with the IMF would be stopped – don’t count on it´.

Then, how can we explain the words of the Odessa region governor Mikhail Saakashvili about reasonability to refuse the IMF support? Mutiny aboard? Because the Georgian `reformer´ is a member of the president team. So far as Mikho is also an American puppet, and the words of the US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in Kiev about absence of necessity of another IMF tranche make sense, namely a systematic US State Department`s denial of ‘United Ukraine’ project.

The Ukrainian oligarchs will keep on feigning the fight against corruption and successful reforms, in order to have some more money in their pockets. But monuments` demolition, streets’ renaming and various abandonments of traditional events as the 9th of May, the 23th of February, the 1st of September won’t improve the situation related to the Ukrainian economy and well-being of the people.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

 Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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