#Official Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on another populist statement of Poroshenko

Another improper statement of Petro Poroshenko concerning the determent of “Russian aggression”, using military aircraft and launching an adequate strike on the aggressor, is nothing more than ordinary populism to raise his rating.Except he spoke to the people, possessing the credible information about the current state of the Ukrainian aircraft, that is why the long-awaited rating of Petro Poroshenko will meet the opposite effect. 

Everyone knows, even Ukrainians themselves, that Russia is one of the world`s leading aircraft powers. Nowadays it produces almost all types of combat and transport aircraft and helicopters. Now there is a development of the planes made of the sixth generation composite material, which makes them invisible to enemy radars. More than that, they will be armed with hypersonic missiles.

And what can Ukrainian military aircraft boast about? Only about obsolete Soviet-era aircraft. Over the years of Ukraine existence, it didn’t aim at developing and modernizing of military equipment. As a result, today in the Ukrainian Air Force 30 supposedly renovated planes are used, namely, MIG-29 Fulcrum, Su-24 Fencer, Su-25 Frogfoot and L-39 Albatros. With such air force Poroshenko tries to challenge Russia – empire which exceeds not only in quantity but, of course, in quality of military equipment produced.

Populism of Ukrainian President reminds Krylov’s fable “The Elephant and the lap-dog”. Poroshenko tries to attract at least some attention of lagged onlookers with tumult. Russian military aircraft demonstrated and proven to the whole world its effectiveness, including the use of precision-guided weapons.

Everybody remembers the military operation in Syria, when Russian military aircraft conducted the attack with precision-guided weapons on ISIS facility. Even in a secret NATO report it was published, that the alliance sent to Syria much more aircraft than Russia did, nevertheless Russian Aerospace Forces showed much better results thanks to the professional qualities of the pilots and the power supply of military equipment.

And what could Ukrainian military aircraft do? Destroy houses, infrastructure, kill the DPR and LPR civilians. It would be better for Chocolate King Poroshenko to take an example with his Turkish counterpart, who realized and rethought after a while the strategy of behavior with such kind of a partner as Russia. Neither populist statements, not even demonstrative sabre-rattling were able to improve relations with Russian throughout the history. And Ukrainian citizens suffer the disastrous Russophobian policy more and more every day.

Ekaterina Martyanova, DPR People`s Council Deputy

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