#Official Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on hysterical conduct of Ukraine`s Ministry of Culture

Again, we see how, in fits and convulsions, the Ukrainian side calls upon the international community to stop cooperation with Russia. The reason for “exacerbation” is an exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery, at which paintings and drawings by Aivazovsky, as well as 38 exhibits from Russian Feodosia will be presented.

And again, there are usual cries concerning Russia: “an occupant”, “annexation of the Crimea” and the like. Reluctance of the Ukrainian side to understand and accept the reality surprises: the Crimea is de facto and de jure a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. In the Crimea, people made their choice, in which they expressed their wish to be a part of Russia. This is not a “maidan” or a coup d’état which took place in Ukraine.

Thus, the Crimea lives only according to Russian laws and, hence, the paintings are the cultural heritage of Russia. In addition to the above, Aivazovsky bequeathed his house and everything that was in it: paintings, statues and other works of art – to Feodosia, his hometown. It is clear that the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine is mistaken in its statements about a gross violation of international law and the need to obtain permission from Kiev.

Once again, Ukrainian governors are trying to distort reality and to impose their “truth” on the world. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine should calm down and not call for an international boycott of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow because of the exhibition of paintings by Aivazovsky, which are historically and legally the property of Russia.

Aivazovsky is one of the first Russian artists who, long before the establishment of the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions exhibited paintings not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow but also in the capitals of European countries. Aivazovsky `s social circle comprised outstanding figures of Russian culture: K. Bryullov, M. Glinka, N. Gogol, A. Ivanov and later P. Tretyakov, the founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. In works of art, soul and mind of authors themselves are hidden, that live forever, as long as the world enjoys these works. And it is great that the large-scale exhibition will be held at the Tretyakov Gallery to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the great master`s birth, which will be attended by connoisseurs and admirers of Aivazovsky`s art.

In this regard, we once again wish Ukrainian ships that are in a terrible and devastating storm seeing a ray of light, which will bring the dying country hope of salvation…

Ekaterina Martyanova, DPR People`s Council deputy


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