#Official Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on Kiev citizens’ organized complaints against their mayor

The residents of the neighbouring state’s capital suddenly grew bolder and decided to formally express distrust to their mayor Vitaly Klichko. And since it is known that any mass actions in Ukraine take place only when someone orders them, it becomes obvious that the struggle for the capital’s political Olympus has begun and is entering a new stage.

The dissatisfied take advantage of an absolutely regular situation, when with the onset of spring not only snow, but also asphalt melted on the roads of Ukrainian cities. Every year, communal workers are engaged in embedding pits on especially ‘melted’ areas. Double benefit: in case of patching, officials ‘bury’ the allocated funds much easier than before, and the townspeople see that they are taken care of even with a huge budget deficit.

However, this time Kiev citizens were very picky – they are unhappy. They express their claims in the Klichko style: they launched a campaign with a hashtag #Vitalikneprogav, in which near the pits on the roads an ambiguous message was sent to the mayor. Even an initiative group gathered, which believes that the mayor in Kiev did not justify the confidence of his electorate. The Kiev citizens prepared a number of claims against their mayor – from the collapsed “tired” Shulyavsky bridge and the pits on the roads to Klichko’s self-elimination in support of the interests of the oligarchs-developers issue and theft of budget funds by the bureaucracy of the city administration. The fact that in 2016 Vitali Klichko spent almost half of his working time (103 out of 252 working days) on holidays and various foreign trips especially upsets the representatives of the initiative group.

The whole campaign was turned against the acting mayor. Citizens demand the resignation of Mr. Klichko as mayor and began collecting signatures in support of the termination of his authority.

People’s anger has something to be warmed up with, such as the promo to the Eurovision-2017, in which Vitali Klichko is presented as the main Kiev sight, and the scandalous decision of the Kiev City Council, which urges all enterprises of any form of property to cease any business relationship with partners from the Russian Federation. The arrest of the accounts of the Kiev Metro, connected with the acquisition of 100 wagons by the “previous criminal authorities” from the Russian company for leasing, for which it is now necessary to pay the current leadership of Kiev, also became resonant.

What can I say, the reasons are weighty. Only now, for some reason, the organization of the campaign was not promoted by the off-kilter utility bills, the cut-off from hot water, the rampant crime in Kiev, and the lowest crime detection rate in the country. But the annual pits on the roads suddenly inspired such a creative protest. And I would like to offer Ukrainians another hashtag: #neprogavstranu. Although, I think it’s too late…

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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