#Official Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on planned ‘pipe tax’ in Ukraine

An ordinary Ukrainian is not surprised anymore by the increasingly sophisticated innovations of the Kiev authorities in the general robbery of the population. The country, like a sacrificial lamb, is moving towards the abyss, about which the press talks without embarrassment and whose task is to find some logic in explaining insane innovations.

The Chairman of the Pension Fund of Ukraine Alexei Zarudnyi ‘gladdened’ Ukrainians that, in the case of the reformation of the pension system, the whole generation would not have pensions. Now, a challenge for the minister of propaganda Yuri Stets is to explain to youth that pensions should be ‘decommunized’ as a Soviet heritage and their absence is another step towards freedom. As we know, in order to obtain a further tranche, the IMF will demand this reform.

Bureaucrats from the Ukrainian government have a never-ending stream of ‘excellent’ ideas for the plundering of the population that they have actually succeeded in. In the past, these criminal officials conducted schemes illegally and there is now a unique opportunity to legitimize looting. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine promised to introduce fee for gas delivery and heat to end-consumers. Pipe tax, why not?

If you take a good look in the Soviet past, you can still find bonuses left to Ukraine, which can be used to earn money. Why not put overseers in public parks of culture and recreation to sell passers-by “all inclusive” season tickets, which would allow them to take photos and videos?

And only chosen ones are granted the right to plunder the Ukrainian people. Because, according to the Deputy Head of the Petrо Poroshenko Bloc Irina Lutsenko, the niche of stultification of the people is occupied by the presidential faction. “And don’t you dare to speculate on Ukrainians when you work for Moscow. This is the position of the Petrо Poroshenko Bloc,ʺ ‘people’s representative’ said.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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